The portfolio of freelance artist and illustrator, Kevin Johnson.


Many years of hard work and dedication to different artistic styles combine to bring you my online galleries. 

Feel free to contact me regarding ongoing projects or new.

email: ju5t4numb3r@yahoo.co.uk or just.a.number@hotmail.com


My artistic background is varied as all are, pens, pencils, paints, crayons all from a very early age. I learned to draw from my family, my mother, and her mother were both amazing artist, so I aimed high, young.


I studied art throughout school and left to study technical illustration, but just before I was to start, fate interviened and I took on an apprenticeship with British aerospace where I studied to become an aircraft engineer. This is where my art work started to beome more technical, more detailed, more ocd :)

Apart from the pen and pencil art I fell in love with, I have a passion for great engineering.  


Other areas of artwork I persue are, airbrush work, 3D design and concept work, architectural design, animation 2d and 3d, paint on canvas, auto paintwork, tattoo's and a few I wont mention untill more experience gained.





I am a freelance artist and I am available for work at any time, I would not take on any project I thought I could not dedicate the time to. Long or short term projects, all considered.


Contact me at either of the email's.   ju5t4umb3r@yahoo.co.uk   or   just.a.number@hotmail.com

I am available to meet in the UK, or available via skype.




All images on this site are the property of K.johnson and may not be coppied in any way without prior permission.